Check for Water Service Line Leaks

  1. Do not use any water in the house.
  2. Open lid on meter (be careful because there are wires that attach lid to meter).
  3. Watch the star or dials on meter for approximately one minute.
  4. If any of the dials move this would indicate a leak. Proceed to shut-off main shutoff valve in house.
  5. Check the meter again. If dials continue to move, this would indicate a leak between the meter and the house. The service line runs from the meter to the house and it is the customer’s responsibility to repair.


Checking For Toilet Leaks

  1. Take the lid off of the tank.
  2. Put a colored bowl cleaner in the tank.
  3. If the colored bowl cleaner comes down into the bowl, that means the seal in the commode is leaking.
  4. Also check and make sure that when the tank is full the level of water is approximately one inch below overflow.