Amsterdam Sanitary Sewer System and Treatment Plant

Amsterdam, Springfield Township and Loudon Township (Carroll County)



Construction of the sanitary sewer piping is coming to a close. Work at the treatment plant is starting to ramp up, with the various tanks expected to be installed over the next few months. Residents can begin to submit applications for the Low-to Moderate Income (LMI) Homeowner Financial Assistance Program, for financial assistance for the costs associated with connecting to the sewer system. The news release with more information about the application can be downloaded here. The applications have been mailed out to Amsterdam residents, and it can also be downloaded here. Anyone having a change in income for 2021 should include their 2021 income along with 2020 in their application. If you have any questions, you may contact Misty Tolzda at Ohio RCAP (740-807-3007).



Construction is proceeding as planned on the sewer project. To date, over 30,000 feet of sanitary sewer piping have been installed, along with over 150 sanitary manholes. The Rudzik and Alex Paris have installed over 80% of the sewer lateral connections included with this project. Workman Industrial Services has also made great progress on the construction on the treatment plant.



The work on the District’s large sewer project in the Village of Amsterdam has officially begun.  There are three contractors working on this project on behalf of the District.  The contractors are Workman Industrial Services for the treatment plant construction at a low bid of $2,419,780.00,  Rudzik Excavating for the sewers and pump stations in Jefferson County at a low bid of $7,190,203.90, and Alexi Paris Contracting Company for sewers in Carrol County at a low bid of $1,862,785.00.  All three contractors have started work on the project.  Both Rudzik Excavating and Alex Paris Contracting have multiple crews on site and our actively working on sewer line installation.  The project is being inspected by the District’s consulting engineer, Arcadis-US and they currently have an inspector on site overseeing the work of the contractors.  The inspectors, Cord McKenna, will be interacting with residents as sewer construction approaches a resident’s dwelling unit.  This project started approximately ten years ago with orders issued by the OEPA against the Village of Amsterdam.  The treatment plant is designed to treat 50,000 gallons per day, and there will be approximately 55,000 feet of gravity sewer line and force main installed on this project.


Previous Updates

Design work on the new sewer system for the Village of Amsterdam was completed in January of 2018. An application for a Permit to Install (PTI) from the OEPA was applied for near the end of January. Additionally, design documents were submitted to several funding agencies and the County Soil and Water Conservation District for review and comments.

In summary, the project will include the construction of about 63,000 feet of sanitary sewer lines, three sewage pump stations, and a 50,000 gallon per day sewage treatment plant. The plant will be located on property purchased by the County adjacent to the Village’s Rogers Park. The estimated cost of the project is around $9.7 million dollars, and approximately 70% of this amount will be paid for by grants from various agencies. This project will serve over 400 new customers.

The District will need to obtain approximately 100 private rights of ways for the project. Those property owners from whom a right of way will be needed will be contacted in late spring or early summer by the Water and Sewer District’s Solicitor about the purchase of the right of way. Another town-hall type of meeting will be scheduled this summer to go over details of the project and the right of way acquisition process. Due to the timing of project funding and grant allocations, the project will not be advertised for bids until December of 2018 or January of 2019. Construction is expected to commence in the spring of 2019.