Ridgeland Sewage Treatment Plant Replacement Project

Ridgeland, Island Creek Township

Updates as of May 24, 2021:

The Ohio EPA has issued its Limited Environmental Review and Finding of No Significant Impact statement. This letter and report are available on this webpage for public view. The report provides a description of the project, some of the financial details, and describes the environmental impact of the plant among lots of other useful information.

Previous Updates:

Design work on the replacement sewage treatment plant for the Ridgeland Subdivision was completed in October of 2019. The project revolves around the construction of a new extended aeration precast concrete sewage treatment plant, rated for 20,000 gallon per day of sewage. The plant will be built adjacent to the existing outdated plant, within that same property parcel. The estimated cost of the project is around $1.5 million dollars. The District is working on securing funding and preparing the project for bidding.