Smithfield Sewer Project


The Jefferson County Water and Sewer District’s Smithfield Sewage Treatment Plant and Pump Station Rehabilitation Project is getting ready for construction, and will be starting in the summer of 2022. 


The Jefferson County Water and Sewer District has completed the design phase of improvements to be made to the Smithfield Sewage Treatment Plant and Pump Stations.  These improvements have been designed by the District’s consulting engineer Arcadis.  Improvements to the sewage treatment plant, pump stations, and sewer system were mandated by OEPA when the District took over the system from the former Village of Smithfield. 

Improvements at the treatment plant include the removal of all sludge from both lagoon number one and lagoon number two, replacement of the aeration systems and baffles in both lagoons, replacement of all defective drain valves, and installation of a new ultraviolet disinfection system to replace the old chlorine disinfection system.  All nine sewage pumps stations will be upgraded with new pumps and wet well components. 

The OEPA has issued its PTI for the project.  Currently one of the two key funding agencies has approved the project design, while the other funding agency is in the process of reviewing the design documents.  It is anticipated that this improvements project will be ready to go out for bids in the fall of 2020.  The OEPA is anxiously awaiting the bidding and completion of this project.  It will represent a major improvement to the quality of treated wastewater discharged from this facility to the receiving stream.