The Smithfield Water Tank

The Smithfield Water Tank serves the Village of Smithfield, Piney Fork, and Dillonvale Ridge. Engineering design work for the tank was completed in 2017, with OEPA issuing a Permit to Install (PTI) for the new tank.

At present, the project is ready to be advertised for bids pending final completion of the CDBG grant process. The County is applying for CDBG funds to reduce the amount of debt it will incur to build the new water tank. The tank is being located on property procured by the County adjacent to the County’s public works storage facility on Route 152. The tank to be constructed is a 200,000 gallon spheroid water storage tank that has been sized to meet the demands of not only current customers but also future service area expansions. The estimated cost of construction is $1.54 million dollars. It is expected that the tank will be advertised for bids sometime in late spring or early summer of 2018 after the CDBG grant process is finalized.