Service Line Inventory


The Federal Environmental Protection Agency released updated Lead and Copper Rule Revisions, which requires all public water systems to create, develop, and maintain a Service Line Inventory. The JCWSD is responsible for determining your service line materials, on both the system-owned and customer-owned service line.

A Service Line is part of your water service. It is the waterline that bring water into your home or apartment from the water main in the street. Within Jefferson County, the water main that is within the public Right-Of-Way (ROW) is owned by the JCWSD. The rest of the service line, after it crossed the property line and continues into your home or apartment, is owned by the customer’s parcel owner.

The Initial Inventory is due to the EPA in October of 2024. You can help the JCWSD fill out the inventory! You may have received a postcard mailer from the JCWSD this year, with a link to an online survey. Filling out this survey about your water line coming into your basement can help the JCWSD add data points to their inventory, and identify lines in need of replacement. Please Click Here to access the survey online. Every response matters! Thank you for your cooperation.

Additional information about the EPA’s ruling can be found at the EPA’s LCRR Webpage. Paper versions of the survey are available for pickup at the JCWSD Service Center the next time you visit to pay your bill. Thank you!