Billing Zones

Schedule of Billing Zones

All Consumer bills shall clearly state the date that the bill is due and payable and the date that service will be subject to disconnect for non-payment of bill. Utility will give a Separate Printed Notice by mail to Consumer at least 5 days in advance of the date that service is to be disconnected by Utility. If the bill is not paid, the service shall be turned off, without further notice. The service shall not be “turned on” again until charges and fees are paid in full. No partial payments shall be accepted without approval of the County.

Any person, firm, corporation or residence having a delinquent account shall not be given water service at any new location until all delinquent accounts, charges and fees are paid in full, including the applicable turn on fee.

The County and their authorized deputies, (inspectors, meter readers and other employees), whose duty is to enter upon private property to read or examine meters, pipes or fixtures, shall have free access at all reasonable hours to the property for the above purposes. In case any authorized deputy is refused admittance to the property or shall be prevented from making such examination, the water service maybe “turned off” and shall not be “turned on” again until access is given and applicable fees paid.

Any person, firm or corporation may discontinue service by proper notice to the County. Upon proper request the meter will be read, or upon request from the property owner, it will be “turned off” or the meter will be “pulled”. If “pulled meter” is requested, fees as required in the applicable rate schedule will be charged. Any shut-off or turn-on requested shall require a 2 day notice.

Having the water “turned off” will not relieve the customer of a minimum monthly bill.

Water charges shall be the responsibility of the property owner, however, payments will be accepted from the tenants. It is suggested that property owners require a deposit from their tenants to cover water charges.

With approval from the property owner, bills can be mailed to the tenants. If the property owner requests bills to be mailed to the tenants, he/she must contact the office when a tenant moves into or out of the property. The county is not responsible for the termination of service for a past due bill left by the previous tenant if no contact is made to the Water and Sewer District Office. The property owner shall remain responsible for unpaid bills left by tenant.

The county reserves the right to remove any meter from any property and substitute another meter in its place. The County will, on its own initiative, undertake to test and correct any meter which, in its judgement, is registering incorrectly, without the consent of the customer. Upon request from any owner or consumer, and payment of a test charge, the County will remove the meter for testing purposes. If, upon examination and test, it is found that the meter registers outside the tolerance limits of AWWA C708 latest revision thereof, the meter shall be considered inaccurate, the fees will be adjusted and a new meter installed.

If a meter fails to register between readings, the bill will be estimated on the basis of consumption for a three (3) month period computed as the average of the past three readings when service was supplied and correctly metered.

Owners buying or selling properties shall see that proper transfer of ownership is made at the District office and charges are paid to date of transfer. The District office shall make every effort to collect all charges and/or penalties as promptly as the nature of business permits but no consumer or owner of a property shall be relieved from obligation of unpaid water charges and penalties by failure of the County to make collections as provided in the Rules and Regulations.

When a leak or break occurs in a service line, the County will make repairs between the main and the meter pit or curb box. The property owner is responsible for repairs between the meter pit or curb box and the building. Owner repairs must be made within a reasonable time or the water service will be discontinued to prevent wastage with “turn off” and “turn on” charges imposed.

When a leak or break occurs in a service line, the County will make repairs between the main and the meter pit or curb box. The property owner is responsible for repairs between the meter pit or curb box and the building. Owner repairs must be made within a reasonable time or the water service will be discontinued to prevent wastage with “turn off” and “turn on” charges imposed.

In case it becomes necessary to “turn off” water service because of a violation or any rule or regulation of the waterworks system, a charge as provided in the appropriate rate schedule shall be made.

No officer or employee of the County except the Director and his duly authorized regular collecting agent, is authorized to receive or receipt for any payment for water service; or any other charge, fine or fee defined herein.

Any charges for water service or any miscellaneous charges accrued in any manner, herein shall constitute a lien upon the property served, and if not paid when due, shall be certified to the county auditor, the second Monday of September, Ohio Revised Code 727.30, and be collected in the same manner as other County taxes are collected.

The county shall maintain all meters installed without cost to the property owner. Meters damaged by abuse, misuse or accident, not by normal wear and tear, and by freezing will be repaired and replaced at the cost of the owner of the property being serviced. Only 3/4″ to 2″ meters, found faulty due to normal wear and tear, will be replaced tat the expense of the County unless in an apartment complex. In this case the owner of the complex will pay for the new meter. All others will be repaired or replaced at the cost of the property owner.

If the water meter cannot conveniently and safely be installed within a meter pit, the owner of the property shall construct a water meter box with remote readout capabilities or vault of concrete, or other material, protected against surface water leakage, at a place approved by the Director before construction is commenced. Such boxes or vaults shall be kept free of snow, ice or other obstructive materials by the owner of the property.

Tapping Mains: No person shall tap or make any connection to the mains or pipes of the water works systems without first securing a permit for the specific tap from the County. The physical act of tapping shall be performed by the County only.

Fire Department Use of Fire Hydrants Not To Be Interfered With: Fire hydrants are intended primarily for the use of the Fire Department for fighting fires, and such use must not, in any way, be interfered with. Permits for their use for other purposes are given reluctantly only in cases where their use cannot be avoided, and penalties for their unauthorized use are provided by these rules and regulations.

Penalty for Operating Fire Hydrants Unlawfully: Operating of the fire hydrants and the drawing of water therefrom by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited. Violators of this rule will be required to pay a fee to cover expenses and damages incurred, as well as being subject to such other penalties as may be provided by law.

Persons Authorized To Operate Fire Hydrants: No person except an authorized employee of the District or the Fire Department shall open, operate, or remove the nozzle cap from any public or private fire hydrant to which water is supplied in whole or in part by the County Water Works, or draw water therefrom except for the purpose of extinguishing fires, without first having secured the necessary permit to do so.

Meters will be furnished by the County to all applicants upon proper application to the Director of the Water and Sewer District. Cost of the meter to the applicant shall be as indicated in Section 4.